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So you want to lose weight. Did you say you’re going on a diet? What are some of the things you relate to the word ‘diet’? Sacrifice, deprivation, hunger, tasteless & boring food…?

First off let’s get rid of the word ‘diet’. By referring to a way of eating as a ‘diet’ we automatically define it as a short term phase of eating rather than a healthy long term lifestyle change. When we go on a typical ‘diet’ we go into what I like to call the pressure cooker. What happens? We don’t exercise…we eat crap… we don’t exercise… we eat crap… until eventually we feel so crappy, fat and flat that we decide it’s time to take action. The pressure (pain) is too great. So we go on a diet, we drastically restrict our eating, we buy the latest ‘fat blasting’ pills and maybe join the gym. After some time of restricting our nutrient intake and getting to the gym we start to notice we’ve lost weight. Great right? Well let’s see what’s next… We feel better about ourselves and no longer feel the same degree of pressure (pain) we did in the beginning. As a result we stop taking action at the same level, besides we were getting sick of the tasteless food and starving ourselves anyway. Eventually we unravel back into our old eating habits - back at square one ready to hit the replay button when we hear about the next celebrity or fad diet.

This programmatic way of looking at eating and weight loss will never last. Period. It’s like pulling back a rubber band further and further, eventually it will snap. Whilst you might think a diet is good for you and your body, often times it’s quite the opposite. Each time we go through this process there are 2 fundamental health side effects that also occur:

A Sluggish Metabolism and Damaged Muscles

The calorie restriction most diets call for will result in some form of weight loss, but what amount of that weight loss is actually fat? When we restrict our calorific intake and don’t consume enough of the right nutrients, vitamins and minerals our bodies require our body will go in search of other ways to obtain some of this nourishment. Two of the main sources your body will draw from are your muscles and your bones. So say you lost 10kg, roughly half of that might be fat loss whilst the other half is from the loss of your precious lean body mass. If this same person was to go back to old habits and regain the weight, this will usually all be in the form of body fat, ultimately giving the same individual a much higher body fat percentage than they originally started out with. When we lose that valuable lean body mass we also lower our metabolism making it even easier to pile on the weight. Doesn’t sound too smart does it?

A Weakened Mind

Every time someone tries and fails to stick to a ‘diet’ they tend to be weakened emotionally and are more likely to associate fear of failure to any future efforts to change their behaviour. It also creates a negative self-perception. If physiological and emotional issues aren’t attended to in the first instance no amount of eating plans or dieting will ever work. An increase in body fat is usually a symptom of other underlying causes such as emotional ‘records’ we all have. Do you ever eat when you’re bored, stressed, angry, anxious..? Studies have shown that these negative states in fact trigger food cravings.

So what’s the solution?

In 3 simplified points:

  • Incorporate a wide variety of healthy, nutrient rich living foods into your lifestyle to the right calorific requirements of your body eg fruits & vegetables, legumes, whole grains and healthy fats. These will also be naturally lower in calories than processed, dead foods and provide your body with the nutrients it needs. And remember this isn’t a ‘diet’ merely eating like kings and queens in a much healthier way.
  • Address the underlying emotional wounds and rewire unhealthy patterns of thinking first and foremost. Figure out what your emotional cues or eating habits are, become aware of them before working out ways to rewire them.
  • Move! That's right lasting weight loss isn't just about what we put in our mouths. It's important to remember that exercise is also a key ingredient that should not be forgotten. Not only will it help keep the weight off, it will help you keep those muscles toned and shapely so you don't get what I like to call the fat-skinny syndrome.
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  • To live at our full physical, mental and emotional potential requires a balance of physical effort, proper nutrition, rest and mental wellbeing - all of which can be achieved on a compassionate plant powered lifestyle. Looking to reach your full potential on a vegan diet? Check out our website and let us know what questions, info and resources you want to see! Cooking up some freebie goodies and competitions soon ;)
  • Meditation has become one of my secret weapons for clients to gain clarity & reduce stress. With a reduction in cortisol levels, inner stillness & clarity comes better eating habits and focus on our purpose, health & wellness. Contact me if you'd like links to some great free guided mediation I recommend.
  • Smash that workout first thing in the morning! You'll be buzzing for the rest of your day. Promise.
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